Sunday, January 3, 2010

Howard House Gallery Opening 2009, remembered

Ah, another terrible, wonderful year past. Why, only yesterday it seems as though our fine club was putting on a glorious show at the Howard House gallery, an event you may have seen advertised on this very blog. While that may have been mere weeks ago, let's remember that fantastic night by looking over a sample of the drawings produced by club members and associates at the opening for the entertainment of the First Thursday Art-Walk patrons.

A fox by Scott Faulkner.

A pretty fellow by yours truly (an attempt to balance the welcome abundance of pretty ladies featured in the show)

fotn-morris2-howard house
Tea time by someone, probably Jon Morris

Definitely by Jon Morris

A jam comic with contributions from a mess of Nibsters. Nice ending by Dalton.

Jam comic by various Nibsters. A beautiful first panel by Max Clotfelter, but then a terrible cop-out ending for which I apologize.

Some unsigned drawings.

A drawing by Dalton Webb

An unsigned but super-cute boar-hedgehog-thing.

And that's the whole of my souvenirs from that memorable evening! I hope you can join us at our next event, and that your 2009 was thrilling and picturesque. On to 2010!