Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Double the Excitement

This warm and dismal month offers you twice the usual FOTN February thrills!

First, On Thursday, February 11th, we have an opening soiree for our second Real Live Gallery Show, 
this time at Vermillion, on 11th just off of Pike.  Many thanks to Jon Morris for getting everything organized!

BFF: Excerpts from Friends of the Nib
Post these lil flyers everywhere and see to it you get over to see it. There's directions and a map and everything. Show will continue in non-party form through March 7th, so you've plenty of time.

Don't slow down for a second, though, because the very next day, on Friday, February 12th, is the opening of our annual Valentine's Art Show, at our customary meeting place, Cafe Racer!
Props to Dalton Webb for getting everything settled for this, our yearly love-fest of art.

Please, won't you come and be ours?

I can hardly wait to see you there! And there!