Thursday, November 12, 2009

Friends of the Nib alive and well

Hi there, world! As we Nibsters find ourselves more and more busy with events and so forth, it is apparent that we need a blog or something. We have this one, here, so we'll try to keep it up a bit better for you, with news and drawings from our weekly meetings.

Although the frequency of posts suggests otherwise, the Friends of the Nib have been meeting and drawing and talking and having art shows throughout the last two years, week in, week out. Every Wednesday evening Seattle's Cafe Racer fills up with all manner of beatniks, nerds, and artists for a convivial salon. 

To document our activities we often suggest a theme for a round of sketches. This week, our meeting very conveniently coincided with Veteran's Day! Many regulars were in attendance, as well a few welcome newcomers.
Horizontal pictures are oddly cropped by the layout of this blog, please click through to see full picture.
Charles "Luna" Reeder

Jon Wilcox (

Stevie VanBronkhorst (Yours, truly)

Also, someone brought in small blank puzzles, to the delight of six:

Jon Wilcox

Edit: Sean Robinson drew this'n, I've found.

Mark Stockbridge (His name is not Justin. I am sorry.)

Max Clotfelter, of course!

Adam B. Watson


That's all for now! Next post: upcoming events!

~S. VanBronkhorst

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